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Duven Polygraph Services
Focusing on fair, professional, accurate, and ethical polygraph examinations, led with a positive bedside manner.


A polygraph (AKA "lie detector test"), by definition, is a procedure measuring and recording numerous physiological indicators (skin conductivity, respiration, pulse, and blood pressure), while a subject is asked and answers a set of specific questions.  

polygraph examinations – South Dakota & North Dakota


Polygraph examination administration for law enforcement or government agencies for:


  • PCSOT  – Post-Conviction Sex Offender or Domestic Violence Testing

  • Law Enforcement or Government Pre-Employment Testing

  • Suspected Criminal Activity

Detailed reports and peripheral documentation are included in the test results.


Government or law enforcement agency pricing is contract-based.​

For private polygraphs or other, please inquire directly.


Polygraph examinations administered for clientele within the private sector.


  • Pre-Sentence Polygraph

  • Civil Suits

  • Infidelity

  • Sports Tournament Official Screenings

Detailed reports and peripheral documentation is included in the test results.


  • Consultation for private entities regarding polygraph examination conclusions.

  • Consultations with legal teams regarding clients' examination conclusions.

  • Speaking/Teaching Engagements

  • Job Applicant Interview, Screening

  • Background Investigations

  • Law Enforcement Training


An attorney's most powerful tools in providing the best representation for any client are knowledge and insight. Unfortunately, many clients are not as candid with their attorneys as they should be.


A forensic polygraph examination  – or lie detector test – can provide the acumen necessary to proceed effectively in the best interest of the client.


Our examinations are conducted in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere and are always administered in an objective and professional manner. The exams use only validated techniques and include a "successive hurdles" approach to ensure accuracy.

DPS uses state-of-the-art equipment, combined with scientifically-proven methods.

The results are kept scrupulously confidential for the parties involved.

DPS Travels! Contact us to schedule services anywhere in

South Dakota or North Dakota

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Eric Duven completed PCSOT at PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center. Polygraph North Dakota South Dakota
Eric Duven graduated from Backster School of Lie Detection. Polygraph North Dakota South Dakota
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