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Eric Duven, Examiner and Owner of Duven Polyraph Services, North Dakota, South Dakota

Forensic Psychophysiologist

"The search for truth has guided my life. The importance of truth was instilled in me by my parents at a young age and hardened by my years as an Eagle Scout in Troop 100, chartered in Jamestown, North Dakota. A preponderance of my efforts in 26 years of law enforcement has been to find the truth of any situation. Nothing is made better or worse for having light shone on it; it is simply made real."

~ Eric Duven, Owner, Duven Polygraph Services


Life-Long Service and Dedication to Law, Truth, and Ethics

Eric Duven is the owner, proprietor, and polygraph examiner at Duven Polygraph Services.  He is a certified forensic psychophysiologist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in both Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of North Dakota (1994). Other continued education courses completed include:

  • University of Virginia – Criminal Justice Education. 2013

  • University of North Florida – Interviews and Interrogations. 1999


Since graduating from Backster School of Lie Detection in 2005, Eric has administered a myriad of polygraphs for the Aberdeen Police Department, the Division of Criminal Investigations (South Dakota), and other law enforcement agencies within the state. Since then, he has acquired additional accreditation and qualifications.

In 2020, Eric completed the PCSOT (Post-Conviction Sex Offender Training Course) certification at Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center


Eric has been a long-time associate of the American Polygraph Association and has held a South Dakota Polygraph License since 2005.  


As a retired law enforcement officer, Eric has completed 3,000 hours of formal specialized law enforcement training, including, but not limited to:

  • FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA. 2013

  • MOCIC week-long conferences/training courses – numerous attendances

  • FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development

  • SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership

  • National Emergency Response and Rescue, Wide Area Search

  • National Tactical Officers Crisis Negotiations

  • John E. Reid Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation

  • Internal Affairs Investigations

  • Public Agency Training Council – Death & Homicide

  • United States Department of Justice – DEA Narcotics Investigation

  • Linguistic Statement Analysis Technique (LSAT)


Retired from the Aberdeen Police Department, Eric has 26 years of law enforcement experience, including street patrol, detective work and management, public relations, officer classroom instruction, captain’s management, and executive duties. Eric excelled at (and was most passionate about) investigations and interrogations throughout his career.

Numerous times throughout his years at the APD, Eric has been a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, or auxiliary instructor for college, high school, junior high, and elementary school classes. Eric enjoys working with today's youth, expressing the positive side of law enforcement, discussing polygraph examination administration and function, and explaining his life-long quest to find truth and help those who have been affected by crime.


At Duven Polygraph Services, Eric’s primary focus is to perform accurate, fair, professional, and ethical polygraphs. His nature is to lead with a positive “bedside manner” to alleviate extra stressors from clients/subjects during examinations.


Our mission is to provide quality and professional forensic polygraph examinations and consultations through proven polygraph administration methods and ethical practices, whereas detailed reporting of the evidence-based detection of deception is formalized to our clientele.

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