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Polygraph Exam in South Dakota - North Dakota


Focusing on fair, professional, accurate, and ethical polygraph examinations, led with a positive bedside manner.



Duven Polygraph Services was established in 2020, after Owner and Polygraph Examiner Eric Duven retired from his career as Support Services Commander at the Aberdeen, South Dakota, Police Department. Prior to his promotion to Captain, Eric served as Detective Sergeant, Detective, and Patrol Officer in his 26 years of service.

As a certified forensic psychophysiologist, Eric has administered a myriad of polygraphs since completing his initial certification in 2005. Since then, he has completed additional specialized training and accreditation.

Eric's primary focus is to perform accurate, fair, professional, and ethical polygraphs or otherwise called, lie detector tests. His nature is to lead with a positive "bedside manner" to alleviate additional stressors from subjects during examinations.

Inquire with us about traveling to your city for polygraph examinations, job reviews, speaking engagements, and more!


Duven Polygraph Services provides polygraph tests – or lie detector tests as they are commonly called – in South Dakota and North Dakota.

  • Clinical and Criminal Forensic Polygraph Examinations

  • Private Polygraph Examinations

  • Private Consultations 

  • Job Screenings, Reviews​

  • Instructional/Teaching Speaking Engagements

  • Background Investigations

  • Law Enforcement Training

Duven Polygraph Services Logo – Lie Detector Testing
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